Insane Bumps -
1. Psycho Bob Psychosaults all the way from the top of the 12 foot ladder! (He was almost level with the roof upon takeoff)

2. Psycho Bob splashes the Pimp from the top of the ladder, AGAIN!

3. Psycho Bob gets a cookie sheet literally wrapped around his head by Kidd Krash. (It left an imprint of his ear in the pan.)

Match 1- Janitor Joe vs. Chick Magnet vs. Pornstar. This was more like a handicap match than a threeway dance. Pornstar and Chick Magnet beat up Joe for the whole match until Joe went for "The Janitor's Elbow" and the Canadian Pimp came in with a spear and put Joe out of commission. Both Pornstar and Chick Magnet pinned him for the victory. The Chick Crusades are back together and The Canadian Pimp and Chick Magnet have picked up Pornstar as part of the gang.

Match 2 - Psycho Bob vs. Kidd Krash vs. The Canadian Pimp. Another classic battle between these three. There were lots of crazy things going on in the match. Super high risk moves from both Bob and Krash and classic hardcore from the Pimp. The highlights of the match had to be when Kidd Krash did a leg drop from the top of the ladder and then Bob followed it up with a big splash onto the Pimp. (Pic below) Psycho also went with his finisher the Psychosault from the top of the ladder but the Pimp moved. (Pic below) However the fun ended quickly when the other two thirds of the Chick Crusades (Pornstar and Chick Magnet) ran in. Pornstar unleashed his finisher the Pornplex on Kidd Krash and left Bob to Chick Magnet and the Pimp. They pulled an explosive board out from under the porch they had been hiding and double suplexed Bob onto it. Although the explosion wasn't as spectacular as it was planned by the Chick Crusades it was still enough to put Bob out of commision.


Interview - Bob, Kidd Krash, and Janitor Joe all challenged The Chick Crusades to a six man elimination at the next event scheduled for the end of April. In this match it will be the Chick Crusades versus the other 3 formentioned wrestlers. When one has been eliminated they will be handcuffed to a fence. The match will continue until all members of a team are handcuffed. The other team will then all be released and have 2 minutes to beat the snot out of the hndcuffed team.