Videos 4 Sale

Looking for a wrestling tape? Backyard and otherwise? Then here you go, this is everything I have to offer. It's an hour EWF wrestling for $5. I have the length of each listed. You can get more than an hour if you like, but no less than an hour. If you want to purchase one, or possibly trade e-mail me and let me know. If you're interested in one of the other tapes listed in the right column e-mail me and we'll see what we can work out. I'm pretty flexible.
E.W.F. Videos
  • Psycho Slam - 30 mins., first E.W.F. event ever, triple threat no holds barred match between The Canadian Pimp, Psycho Bob, and Manuto.
  • A Hardcore Halloween - 20 mins., A triple threat match between Manuto, Psycho Bob,and The Canadian Pimp. Great match, plenty of blood and highflying moves.If you buy any get this one!
  • Millinnium Mash - 30 mins., first blood triple threat between Psycho Bob, The Canadian Pimp and Private Peter. The introduction of The Texan Pimp; Cisco Kid.
  • Best of the EWF - I'm currently working on compiling a tape filled with the best moves and insane things the EWF wrestlers have done. It should contain some behind the scene commentary on what exactly they were thinking when they did it. If your interested or have any suggestions let me know. The more inquiries I have the more likely I am to get it made fast.
  • Brawl for All - Pre order yours now. I will guarantee this 10 man brawl for the championship will be something amazing. All ten 10 will start in the ring at the same time. You are eliminated by pinfall or submission, last man standing wins. I will personally gurantee you this one will be atleast an hour long. I also promise some insane things will happen with all these wrestlers going at it at once.
Mick Foley Videos
  • Three Faces of Foley - 1 hr., Titan Sports WWF Mick Foley video. Contains scenes from; the great 4 part Jim Ross / Mankind interview, the 1998 King of the Ring Hell in a Cell match, the debut match of Cactus Jack in the WWF, Terry Funk, and Mick Foley and the Hardy Boyz commenting on all the above listed.
  • The IWA Death Match Tournament - 2 hrs. 20 mins., The infamous 8 man IWA death match tourney in which Cactus Jack is named "The King of the Deathmatch". Contains many gruesome matches like; barbed wire, barbedwire ball bats, thumbtacks, glass, and explosives! A must have if your a true Foley fan.
  • Royal Rumble 2000- Aprox. 3 hrs., WWF's yearly Royal Rumble event. Includes a grueling hardcore match up between Cactus Jack and Triple H in which Triple H Juices big time and Cactus Jack plays with thumbtacks and barbed wire. Not for the squemish.