Match 1- This one was the only match of the show. It was a triple threat match between Manuto, Psycho Bob and the Canadian Pimp for the previously unfullfilled championship position. Seeing as Manuto and Bob have had an alliance as of late one could have only expected them to team up on The Canadian Pimp, and they did. The beggining of the match was basicaly Bob and Manuto beating The Pimp down. Eventually though Manuto turned on the gullable Bob and whacked him with a pipe, knocking the Psycho's new Jason style hockey mask right off his face. The match mostly from that point involved a three man free for all. The opponents hit each other with everything not bolted down and managed to break 4 tables in the process. The first was broke when Bob went for a moonsault but The Canadian Pimp moved out of the way leaving Bob with the honors of going through the first. The second was busted when Manuto hip tossed the Pimp through it, almost knocking the Pimp out after his head bouced off of the tree beside the table. The next big thing that happened was when Bob went for a flying clothesline off the banister of the deck (almost 10 feet high). His first attempt failed and he fell backwards onto the deck, it was hilarious. He did however get back up and complete his dive just in time for Manuto to slam him in the gut on his decent. Needless to say it was a gruesome landing. After that Bob got to his feet and was nailed in the head several times by The Pimp and Manuto resulting in a pretty nasty head wound. Bob was bleeding pretty bad from this point on out. At one point during the match he took time to stop and show the camera that the wound was legit and that there wasn't any of that fake blood crap going on in the E.W.F. The match went on for about five more minutes. By this point everyone was bringing out there arsenal of wrestling moves trying to put the other away for the kill. Manuto DDT'd both The Pimp and Bob, The Pimp went for a suplex but Bob reversed it into a tornado DDT, Bob vertical suplexed Manuto onto the ground, The Pimp fisherman suplexed Manuto, and then Bob layed Manuto out with a sidewalk slam and went in for the kill. This was the best part of the whole show. Bob set a table up, put The Canadian Pimp on it and introduced the world to his new finishing move, The Psychosault. It's very much like The Hardee Boyz senton bomb. Psycho pinned The Pimp for the win, grabbed his belt and did a little speech for the fans: " Blood plus sweat plus guts equals ..." then he held up his belt in victory.

Aftermath - After the match The Canadian Pimp was laying half dead on the ramains of the table he was psychosaulted on. Bob came back to find his mask laying on the Pimps chest. He kicked him and took it back. He left and Manuto made his way to over to the Pimp and took his turn beating him around awhile claiming it was the Pimp's fault he lost.

Insane Bumps -
1. Psycho Bob goes for a moonsault, but the Pimp moves and Bob goes crashing through the table.
2. Manuto nails Bob when he jumps form the 10 foot banister attempting a flying clothesline.
3. The Canadian Pimp is the victim of the Psychoslam.