Insane Bumps -
1. Private Peter goes for an elbow off the very top of the ladder and falls on his face! HAHA!
2. Private Peter gets Psychosaulted onto by Psycho Bob. There was no table for this one, only a pile of metal and two chairs.
3. Psycho Bob does a double clothesline from the top of the ten foot deck onto Peter and The Canadian Pimp.

Interviews- The Canadian Pimp started out the show by showing the fans how hard he was training in the weight room and introducing him to his new apprentice "The Cisco Kid, Texan Pimp". He then challenged Psycho Bob to a first blood match for the belt claiming Psycho was an easy bleeder, which really wasn't an exaggeration, the guys bled every time he's wrestled. Bob then of course excepted the challenge during an interview in which he was polishing a chain saw that he was planning to use in the match.

Match 1- The first blood match was about to get underway when Private Peter came to the ring and claimed since he was the big shot in the E.W.F. (all 120 lbs.. of him! HAHA!) and he was including himself in the match. The match became a triple threat, got underway, and the guys immediately went at each others heads with every object not bolted down; steel chairs, a ladder, shovels, broomsticks, and many other things including rusty tin siding. Eventually though they gave up on busting each other open right away and did some wrestling. Private Peter got power slammed literally through a steel chair shattering it. After that Peter attempted an elbow drop onto Psycho Bob as The Canadian Pimp held Psycho down. Peter got to the top of the ladder started to jump and the ladder slipped out from under him! He landed face first on the cold hard ground about dead. It was hilarious!! Unfortunately for Peter though that was the end of his offense and the rest of his match was spent being beaten around by Psycho and The Canadian Pimp.   Peter was then power bombed through a table by The Canadian Pimp. After that Psycho Bob made another makeshift table from a a sheet of tin siding and two chairs placed Peter on it and it collapsed. Psycho though determined to get his move in still ascended the upon the central air conditioning unit and did his Psychosault into Peter and the remains of the table. Psycho hurt his leg and limped around the rest of the match. Psycho then performed a double flying clothesline from the bannister of the ten foot deck taking out both Peter and The Canadian Pimp. Moments later Private Peter was eliminated when his head was slammed into an air conditioning unit by Psycho Bob and the Canadian Pimp. Psycho got back dropped onto one of the steel chairs. He made a small comeback and ascended the ten foot deck once again. This time when he clamb the bannister he ripped his shirt off in Hulk Hogan style and did a suicide dive into The Canadian Pimp. Psycho then slammed the Pimps head into the same air conditioning unit that Peter was busted open by but didn't bust The Pimp open. The referee trying to check on the Pimp got knocked out by Bob with a steel chair which would later prove a horrible mistake by Bob as he busted open the Pimp moments later with a steel chair. Bob ran over to to wake the ref. Then The Texan Pimp came in and bandaged The Canadian Pimp's head with the remains of Psycho Bobs shirt and some Band-Aids. The ref came to and didn't know what had happened so the match continued. Psycho came close to losing when he got vertical suplexed onto a sheet of the old rusty siding. It put a pretty mean cut on his back but the ref determined it wasn't bleeding enough to make him lose. The match continued again. Bob through The Canadian Pimp behind the air conditioning unit and threw a ladder and two chairs over the unit into the Pimp's head. The Pimp made a comeback though and nailed Psycho right in the face with the ladder busting him open. The ref seen it and The Canadian Pimp was crowned new champion, with assistance of course from The Texan Pimp; Cisco Kid.

Aftermath - Bob and the Pimp went at it after the match was over. Psycho Bob approached the camera and made his claim that he was cheated. Which he was.