Win\Loss\Draw records reset 1-1-00
" Psycho " Bob Foley 
Height : 5 ' 8 " 
Weight : 175 lbs. 
Finishing move : Psychosault 
Win/Loss/Draw : 0/2/0 
Wrestling Style : Impact / High flying 
Career History : First ever E.W.F. champion , 2 time E.W.F. title holder , winner of 1999 Royal Riot Tournament , Finished runner up in the 2000 Brawl for All  
Bio : Many years of watching his idol Mick Foley and his reckless style eventually got to seventeen year old Estil Taylor. The want to be known and respected couldn't be ignored anymore. Estil soon set out on a pilgrimage of destruction and mayhem vowing nothing would stop him from becoming just like his hero Mick Foley. Estil took on the name Bob Foley ( after his idol Mick Foley ) and formed the E.W.F. to show the world exactly what he could do. Unfortunately along the way " Psycho " , just like Mick Foley , has probably taken one too many hits to the head. In other words , it's not a surprise to see Bob do many " strange " things during his matches. As a matter of fact something the guy is probably infamous for is hitting himself with whatever he just laid his opponent out with.
The Canadian Pimp 
Height : 6 ' 0 " 
Weight : 250 lbs. 
Finishing Move : The Pimp Squeeze , or the Pimp Driver 
Win/Loss/Draw : 2/0/0 
Wrestling Style : Brawling / Impact 
Career History : 3 time E.W.F. title holder , Winner of the 2000 Royal Riot, once stripped of title after breaking ankle in training session against Gemini  
Bio: The Canadian Pimp hails from Canada , where he ran a somewhat unappreciated service to society. When business began to plummet back home in Canada The Pimp decided he would have to take on a second job. "Why not pro wrestling?" he thought to himself. After all that was what his favorite pimp ( The Godfather from the W.W.F. ) did for a living. Seeing as the pro wrestling bracket wasn't too big in Canada The Pimp set off to find the best backyard wrestling federation in the U.S. , somewhere where he could get the glory and money he was looking for in life. He never found one, so he settled for the E.W.F. 
Kidd Krash 
Height : 5 ' 4 " 
Weight : 109 lbs. 
Finishing Move : un-named 
Win/Loss/Draw : 0/2/0 
Wrestling Style : High flying  
Career History : Debuted at 2000 Brawl for All and surprised the world by almost winning 
Bio : Little is known about Kid Krash except that he has an uncanny ability to hurt you from high places. His game plan for any match is to dive onto his opponent, get up, and do it again. His style is quite impressive. I would look for him to be battling with the big boys before long.
Height : 6 ' 0 "  
Weight : 185 lbs. 
Finishing Move : The Manuto Driver , or The Leg Bender 
Win/Loss/Draw : 0/0/0 
Wrestling Style : Brawling 
Career History : Winner of first ever E.W.F. event ( Psycho Slam ' 99 , a triple threat match among Manuto , Psycho Bob , and The Canadian Pimp )  
Bio : Manuto led somewhat of a broken childhood. His family was always on the road moving from place to place in search of a " better way of life. " Being one of six children Manuto found it very hard to get the attention he desired. At the age of twelve Manuto ran away from home in search of the very some " better way of life " he and his family had spent so long looking for. Manuto spent many years roaming from town to town making it by on what little food and money he could make along the way until one faithful day while walking he came across a spectacular sight. A group of people beating the crap out of each other in their very own backyard. Manuto seen an opportunity to finally get the respect and fame he had so desired as a child. Manuto soon joined the E.W.F. and began to make a name for himself and become famous.
no pic Gemini Moogle 
Height : 5 ' 1 " 
Weight : 100 lbs. 
Finishing Move : Mooglecarana 
Win/Loss/Draw :  0/0/0 
Wrestling Style : Brawling 
Career History : Won his first match in the EWF wrestling Psycho Bob 
Bio : Gemini came from a mysterious island called Moogle Island ( at least that's what he claims ) He said he was raised on the island by the somewhat strange natives ( moogles ) that worship hard-core wrestling. On his home island Gemini was a superstar in the island's wresting federation. One day while out for a swim though his life would forever change. All of a sudden a storm struck and swept him out to sea, far away from the island. He washed ashore and wander far inland of the U.S until he came across the E.W.F. by an act of god. He soon decided to join the E.W.F. and continue where he left off on his home island; kicking butt and taking names. There are still many strange things about this individual though. For one his small size. ( which is very misleading ) The other? His refusal to talk on camera. He says it's for religious regions. But what religion is he following anyway? 
Chick Magnet 
Height : 5' 10" 
Weight : 122 
Finishing Move : The Magnetizer 
Win/Loss/Draw : 1/1/0 
Wrestling Style : Technical / Brawling 
Career History : Debuted at Hard-core Havoc in a first blood match against Manuto and lost, Member of The Chick Crusades   
Bio : Chick Magnet is a real ladies man. It's rumored the only reason he joined the EWF was in an attempt to further impress the ladies. Which of course he's not doing considering he's never won a match.
Janitor Joe 
Height : 6' 5" 
Weight : 130 
Finishing Move : The Sweeper 
Win/Loss/Draw : 0/2/0 
Wrestling Style : Brawling 
Career History : Debuted at the 2000 Brawl for All  
Bio : Janitor Joe was sick of the disrespect he was getting as a janitor at the local school. When he heard of the amazing feats of "Psycho" Bob and the Canadian Pimp circulating among the school children he too decided that he wanted the respect that the children were giving him. So he packed his broom, mop bucket, and household cleaners and set out for the EWF.
Height : 5' 10" 
Weight : 155 lbs.130 
Finishing Move : The Porn Plunge, or the Pornplex 
Win/Loss/Draw : 1/0/0 
Wrestling Style : Brawling 
Career History : Debuted at April Anarchy and joined the Chick Crusades  
Bio : Pornstar decided to wrestle in the EWF after he was kicked out of the porn industry for allegedly killing and injuring women with his freakishly large penis. ( It is rumored that is weighs in at well over 400 lbs. !)