Brawl for All

Insane Bumps
1.Psycho Bob gets ran over by a pick up.
2.Psycho Bob drops an elbow from a distance of about 20 feet onto the Pimp. (He got some amazing air on this one)
3.Kid Krash does a senton splash onto the ladder while the ladder is on top of Psycho Bob.

This one was so long there is no way I'm going to type every little thing that happened like usual. The match started with every one in the ring, the rules were when you're pinned your out, last man standing wins the belt. Here's a rundown of who got pinned, by who and how. After that I will give a little description of an amzing section of the match. Something that has probably never been done by any other backyard wrestling fed. Here's a little help, there were two pickups going about 40 mile an hour in circles four wrestlers......and two of them weren't in the cab if you know what I mean.


Chick Magnet was eliminated first by pinfall after being knocked out by Janitor Joe

Janitor Joe was eliminated second by pinfall after Psycho Bob tackled him from the back of the Canadian Pimp's truck.

Kid Krash was eliminated third by pinfall after Psycho Bob front suplexed Kid Krash off the tail gate of the truck for THe Canadian Pimp to pin.

Finally Psycho Bob was eliminated by the Canadian Pimp after being powerbombed onto the bare ground and splashed.

After the match both Psycho Bob and the Canadian Pimp both collapsed. They had been wrestling for about an hour. They both suffered from dehydration and had some major bumps, bruises, and cuts after their brutal melee.

Speeding pickups
It was about 40 minutes into the match. Chick Magnet had already been eliminated and drove off in his truck nearly running Psycho Bob over on his way out. Chick Magnet however found his way back to the match he drove up in the middle of the match, and started beating on Psycho Bob. Magnet started to drive off after assaulting Bob but just as he started to pull away Bob jumped into the back of his pickup. Magnet got up to speed but Bob made his way to the cab and punched him causing him to stop. Magnet got out of his truck and motioned for the Canadian Pimp to help him beat up Bob. Magnet Bulldogged Psycho off of the tool box in the back of his truck to the bare ground. Kid Krash made an attempt to help Bob but failed miseralby. While Kid Krash was fighting with Chick Magnet, the Canadian Pimp threw Psycho into the back of Chick Magnets truck and started driving. Moments later Chick Magnet threw Kid Krash into the back the Canadian Pimp's truck and started driving it. The wrestling match was taking place in a wide open field and Magnet and the Pimp made use of it driving the trucks up to speeds of 40 mph weaving back and forth trying to throw Bob and Krash out of the back of the trucks. At one point Bob was about to lose grip on the large chrome tool box in the back of Magnet's truck and go tumbling through the field but he managed to land in the bed of the truck near the shut tailgate. The Canadian Pimp then slammed on the brakes causing Bob to sling forward and slam against the chrome toolbox. If that wasn't enough The Pimp then made his way out of the truck and superplexed Psycho Bob onto the bare ground. At the same time Chick Magnet pulled up beside Canadian Pimp, congratulated him and returned to his own truck to let the match continue. IT WAS COMPLETELY INSANE!!! That was just about 5 minutes of this hour long war. I haven't even touched on some of the insane stuff that was done before and after this. But do to lack of time this all I'm going to put on here. If you want to see the rest you'll have to  order  a copy.